Cures: A Gay Man's Odyssey (Plume) - Martin Bauml Duberman (1992)
ISBN 9780452267800
Genre Biography, Autobiography and Memoirs
Publisher Plume
Publication Date 4/1/1992
Format Paperback
Martin Duberman gives a witty and searingly candid account of his journey to acceptance of his homosexuality despite the efforts of psychotherapists to "cure" him of it. This is the tenth anniversary edition of Cures, Martin Duberman's best-selling account of his attempts to"cure" himself of his homosexuality through therapy, medical treatments, and faith healers. Duberman tells of the double life he led as a young professor at Princeton, passing as straight by day and going into the gay clubs of Trenton and New York by night, which continued through the 1950s and into the 1970s, until he came out as a gay man around the time of Stonewall. For the new edition, Duberman has written a new preface chapter and an afterword, bringing his life (and, more broadly, the gay experience in America today) up to date, discussing such issues as gay rights, same-sex marriage, gay scholarship, and AIDS.
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