Men are pigs, but we love bacon - Michael. Alvear (2003)
ISBN 9780758202857
Genre Humor
Subject Sex instruction for gay men
Publisher Kensington Books
Publication Date 5/1/2003
Format Paperback (210 x 140 mm)
Language English
If You're Looking For Warmth And Compassion About Your Sexual Worries, You Picked The Wrong Book... Yes, you'll get all your burning and why-is-it-burning questions answered, but the advice is coming from a son-of-a-bitch with a breathtaking gift for the gratuitous insult. In these pages, you'll find medical answers to everything from how you can ejaculate farther to how you can take--ahem--more cargo on your loading dock. Alvear answers questions with the compassion of a caffeine addict out of coffee, lining up a panel of doctors and psychologists against the wall and beating the truth out of them. The result is a marriage of impeccably accurate information, politically incorrect opinion and withering sarcasm. Because the questions come from gay men all over the country, they're like a peephole into the anxieties, concerns and worries that gay men have about sex. Here's a sampling of what you'll learn: ... Only 6% of the population need extra-large condoms. Get over it. ... The average erect penis is 5" long and 4.8" around. Unless you're in a chat room. Then double it. ... Kegel exercises will give you harder hard-ons and more powerful orgasms. But then, so will an 18-year-old. ... 50% of men on anti-depressants experience sexual side effects. And no, having an affair is not considered a side effect you can blame on medicine. With buzz-saw wit, Men Are Pigs, But We Love Bacon will leave you laughing, howling, and knowing everything you need to know about sex.
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