Long Distant Lover  - Amy Paige (2004)
ISBN 9781413721089
Genre Lesbian Fiction
Publisher PublishAmerica
Publication Date 6/28/2004
Format Paperback
Long Distant Lover… everyone at all different ages has had one of these—a high school graduate goes to college and the love of her life doesn’t go to the same school, and they say they will keep in touch. How many of them do? In this book, Mandy Paige and Katie Hicks Waters were only two hours away from each other and it was hard for them to keep their relationship going. They didn’t make it at that time since time wasn’t on their side. They were both busy with family and work. When you get into the story, you’ll begin to understand just how much these two women do love each other and that they are given another chance to start over. But before they do there is a time of growth, trusting, and believing that each of them has to go through. Other important players in this story help in all aspects of making dreams come true, for themselves and also for others. The love from God, the publishing house, and the psychic all have major parts. Without this combination, Long Distant Lover wouldn’t be the love story and dream that it is for Mandy Paige. After reading the book, you will see that even though this is a fictional romance, it can truly happen to you, also. Live the dreams you have, and remember to also ask for help and be open for the unexpected to happen.
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