The Dying of Delight - Clare Sudbery (2004)
ISBN 9781873741917
Genre Lesbian Fiction
Publisher Diva Books
Publication Date 7/1/2004
Format Paperback (190 x 128 mm)
Language English
Like much of the rest of Britain, Silver Bergman is looking forward to witnessing the unique phenomenon of the solar eclipse. It's the culmination of a six-month period which has already seen her give up a lucrative IT career and join her friends in the carefree lifestyle of an artist: a life of radical love, radical leisure and radical politics. Yet on August 11th, 1999, a dragon will swallow the sun, and everything in Silver's drug-fuelled new life will change again.For Edna, the eclipse is only the beginning. A mysterious wraithlike figure, she will join a band of idealistic eco-protesters in their defense of an ancient forest. She is a woman without history, living in a community without questions.Meanwhile, in a house in Manchester, the police have discovered a body . . .The Dying of Delight is a lively piece of contemporary fiction that describes the attempts of two women to find themselves. As the intriguing histories and mysterious motivations of Silver and Edna gradually unravel, two very different women emerge, and their respective efforts to escape their pasts and control their futures make for a spectacular and gripping novel. There is a strong element of suspense, but it is not simply a thriller. It is a spirited portrait of lives gone astray, and of people living on the edge."This is a novel that pulses with guts, energy and wit."-Julia DarlingClare Sudbery has been a raver, a Scrabble fanatic, a -trapeze artist, a cleaner, a revolutionary socialist, a lesbian, a bisexual, a vegetarian women-only workers' co-op member and a meat-eating heterosexual computer programmer. She currently lives in Manchester with her boyfriend and their 5-month-old son Felix.
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