Walking on Air: A Novel - R.s. Jones (2002)
ISBN 9780060511319
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Publisher Harper Perennial
Publication Date 10/1/2002
Format Paperback (198 x 135 mm)
Language English
William Addams is dying. Controlling, mercurial, and estranged from his family, he is consumed by the fear that he'll be abandoned by Henry and Susan, his closest friends, the only people on whom he can rely. What he wants is for their faithfulness to last until they take him home to his beloved house to die. But as William's condition worsens, it becomes apparent that his expectations of devotion and loyalty involve not simply a loving commitment but the virtual handing over of his friends' vitality and independence; indeed, William covets their very lives. Filled with penetrating insights and dazzling beauty, Walking on Air explores the shadowy, often disturbing parameters of devotion, demonstrating its inevitable limits as well as its astounding powers of transformation.
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Dewey 813
Cover Price $12.95
No. of Pages 272