Recovering from the Loss of a Loved One to AIDS - Help for Surviving Family, Friends and Lovers Who Grieve - Katherine Donnelly; Katherine F. Donnelly (1995)
ISBN 9780449909904
Publisher Ballantine Books
Publication Date 5/16/1995
Format Paperback (203 x 133 mm)
"We had such a normal family, three kids. I had no idea my husband was using drugs..."

"I was not only grieving the death of my lover, but wondering who who was going to take care of me.."

"I'm trying to make it and it's hard."

-- Acquiring the strength to deal with your own or another person's HIV-positive status

-- Facing the hostility that often isolates AIDS patients and their healthy loved ones

-- Hooking into a support system

-- Caring for a loved one -- spouse, lover, parent, brother, sister, child, or friend -- to the end

-- Accepting your feelings, whatever they may be, and knowing they're shared by others

-- Grieving fully

-- Finding your way back into a full and fulfilling life

-- And much more, including a valuable "Helping Hands" section of 136 sources of help and information nationwide
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