Sex Tips For Gay Guys - Dan Anderson (2002)
ISBN 9780312288730
Genre Self-help, Relationships, Motivation
Subject Family & Relationships / Love & Romance; Health & Fitness / Sexuality; Self-Help / Sexual Instruction; Sex instruction for gay men; Social Science / Gay Studies
Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date 12/1/2002
Format Paperback (210 x 141 mm)
Language English
You think you've got all the moves. And you may. But do you know the preferred moves, mores and man-pleasing tactics for a host of other gay types? From the Campus Queer to the Do-Me Queen, the Twelve Stepper to the Sugar Daddy, Dan Anderson unleashes his expertise to disclose the secret longings of a host of hotties. You'll learn to master such sure-fire tricks as the "Up, Twist, Over and Down", the "Twirl" and the "Head Rub." Anderson and his posse of urban adventurers have seen and done it all, and now they spill their great, gritty sex secrets between two hard covers. But there's more in Sex Tips for Gay Guys than just hot, hard how-to information about how to be great in the sack. Anderson, with the skill of a master sociologist and the wit of a baby Paul Rudnick, paints a picture of gay rituals, mating and dating at the dawn of the new century. You'll recognize everyone you've dated--and a few you're get to meet--in this hilarious book.
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