The Gay Book of Saints - Bob Rakoczy (2001)
ISBN 0759650586
Genre Humor
Publisher 1st Books Library
Publication Date 11/1/2001
Format Paperback (227 x 150 mm)
? a daily calendar of canonized comedy?a sideshow of sainthood?silly, salacious and slightly sacreligious?funn, fundamental, flesh-toned?unbiased, uninhinited, uncensored, un censered?full of insolence, innocence and profound insight?hilarious hagiography? promiscuous, profligate, pertinent, perspicacious? ascetical, heretical, hysterical?irrefutable, irreligious, irresponsible, irregardles? larger than life, dumber than death?more humorous the Heaven, hotter than Hell
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No. of Pages 384