Gay Money: Your Personal Guide to Same-Sex Strategies for Financial Security, Strengthand Success - Personal Finance for Gay Men and Lesbians - Per Larson (1997)
ISBN 0440507995
Genre Self-help, Relationships, Motivation
Subject Gay men - Finance, Personal; Lesbians - Finance, Personal
Publisher Dell
Publication Date 5/12/1997
Format Paperback (203 x 132 mm)
Language eng
Same sex, different dollars.

How can being gay generate financial advantages? How can it sabotage your dreams? If you're like most gay men and lesbians, you might have some vague idea that the laws and tax codes place you at a financial disadvantage compared to your straight contemporaries. But it is less likely that you know how to benefit from unseen advantages that are yours for the seizing--once you know that they are there.

Practical, authoritative, and uniquely empowering, Gay Money explains how and why our financial opportunities and problems are different from the married-with-children majority. Drawing on a personal-finance practice devoted exclusively to gay men and lesbians, Per Larson offers you the tools you need to understand and maximize each decade of a financial gay life, while addressing such vital topics as:

*What early career moves give us the most advantage--and how to avoid corporate lavender ceilings

*What insurance we absolutely need to protect our legacy, our lovers--or our independence

*Why our relationships are financially different from conventional marriages--and how we can turn that to our benefit

*Pitfalls and scams we're particularly prey to

*How we can ensure our retirement with only one decade's earnings

*How we can face the costs of HIV and safeguard our assets against financial ruin.

Your guide to turning financial reality into your personal dreams, Gay Money is a long-awaited asset for your own gay balance sheet.

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