How to Make the World a Better Place for Gays & Lesbians - Una Fahy (1995)
ISBN 0446670413
Genre Sexuality, Sexual Behavior
Subject Gays; Lesbians
Publisher Warner Books
Publication Date 6/1/1995
Format Paperback (206 x 124 mm)

Now, as never before, gays and lesbians are marching together in growing numbers, raising their voices and making themselves heard in their escalating fight for civil rights. Yet despite increased national visibility and impressive gains, America's dynamic gay community continues to face bias in housing, employment, the military, and family relationships -- as well as a rise in gay and lesbian bashing and legally sanctioned discrimination.

Here at last is a practical handbook to help you improve the lives of millions of American gays and lesbians and their friends, families, and supporters. This is the first book to empower you to confront, address, and change anti-gay prejudice on all levels of society -- from personal and interpersonal to collective, religious, and institutional. A crucial tool for a critical time in the gay rights movement, it provides insightful information on why homophobia exists, rational step-by-step procedures on how to take effective action against it in all its forms, and specific, invaluable tips on...

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