The Winter Of Our Discotheque - Andrew W.M. Beierle (2002)
ISBN 0758201419
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Subject Gay men - Fiction; Male models - Fiction
Publisher Kensington
Publication Date 4/1/2002
Format Hardcover (237 x 163 mm)
Language eng
Set at the carefree, pre-AIDS dawn of the disco era, Andrew W.M. Beierle’s smart, seductive debut novel transports the alluring Tony Alexamenos out of the closet and into the fire as he sheds his grease-stained mechanic’s jumpsuit—to take Manhattan by storm...

The Winter Of Our Discothèque

Before his eighteenth summer, Tony Alexamenos was content to spend his mornings riding the waves, his afternoons pumping gas, and his nights secretly lusting after bronzed surfer boys. The day that changes everything begins like any other, with a car pulling into the station as Tony, fresh from the sparkling Atlantic, quickly towels off and dons his coveralls. Hurrying out to service the gleaming Caddy convertible, he never dreams that inside is a would-be fairy godfather who is about to transform his life…

Obscenely wealthy Dallas Eden can’t believe his eyes. What’s a luscious boy like this doing in a grimy Florida service station? Quelling the urge to pounce on the sexy young thing, Dallas sets out instead to win Tony’s friendship—and his trust. Only then can he begin to transform this youthful Greek god into a protégé worthy of Dallas’s "harem." His first move: to hire Tony as assistant gardener at his Florida estate. His next: to see that his charge gets a full scholarship to Sanctuary College’s drama program. But everything doesn’t go according to Dallas’ plans. For it is away at college that Tony meets Connecticut Jones, a young professor who, though deeply closeted, is far from immune to Tony’s charms. When a prestigious fellowship falls into Connecticut’s lap, he heads for New York City—with Tony in tow…

In no time, Tony is transformed from wide-eyed tourist to half-hearted hustler to Broadway sensation. But when Tony’s relationship with Connecticut falls by the wayside, the only person he can turn to is Dallas, who invites him to live rent-free in the lap of luxury at his Manhattan mansion. And it is Dallas who introduces him to Tuxedo Malone, a powerful modeling mogul.

With a top-notch portfolio and guidance from renowned male model Valentine Rittenhouse, Tony bursts onto the fashion scene, falls for the sexually voracious Devlin DeSchuys—and never looks back. Launched on the path to superstardom, Tony swiftly grows accustomed to Manhattan’s frenetic rhythm, to sex, drugs, and liquor, and to the benevolent Dallas Eden always waiting in the wings. But if Tony has learned anything, it’s that nobody is who they appear to be—and that nothing lasts forever... Nothing, that is, except love, the one elusive thing he yearns for...

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