Circles: A Novel - Perry Brass (1993)
ISBN 0962712337
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Subject Gay men - Fiction
Publisher Belhue Press
Publication Date May 1993
Format Paperback (222 x 146 mm)
Language eng
Like a wet dream hitchhiking through a nightmare -Circles is the phenomenal sequel to Perry Brass' groundbreaking gay science fiction thriller Mirage. Consider this: You're closeted Nick Lawrence, happily married to a wealthy woman in Beverly Hills. Suddenly your life has been taken over by an alien force-and the secret you've worked so hard to maintain is exploding in your face. Your only ally is a strange, old man from a distant planet, who threatens to kill you. What's next? You're the young, blue-eyed Republican vice president of the United States secretly trying to win over the hidden wealth and power of gay America, while promoting your own agenda of "family values." Whom will you enlist for help? You're a gay Russian mathematician who's discovered an organic substance that can pass through time, space, and other beings. What do you do when you discover that this substance has taken over you? Circles returns to tiny Ki, a primitive, violent planet where Same-Sex love is a part of the balance of life. There Enkidu, once the promised mate of the ambitious hunter Greeland, has become the most hunted man on the planet. His only way out is to escape to Earth, alone, and there in a riot-scarred Los Angeles, take on the identity and body of another man. There he will find a partner who will do anything for him, including kill-and there he will attempt to save the lives of those he loves, including the tortured, handsome man whose body and fate he now owns. Circles is both graphic and mystical. It brings to life some of the most unforgettable characters ever put into a contemporary novel. Advancing the chronicles of the extraordinary planet Ki, Circles will also advance the cause of gay fiction out of its narrow focus and into the world-embracing landscape of our era. Circles will become a powerful key to the evolution of gender studies and the expanding gay consciousness of the 21st Century, whose effects are already being seen, culturally and politically, today.
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LoC Classification PS3552.R336C57 1993
Dewey 813/.54
Edition 1st ed.
Cover Price $11.95
No. of Pages 215