Recent History: A Novel - A Novel - Anthony Giardina (2002)
ISBN 0375759387
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Publisher Random House Trade Paperbacks
Publication Date 4/9/2002
Format Paperback (202 x 132 mm)
In 1962, twelve-year-old Luca Carcera’s father suddenly moves out of the house under mysterious circumstances and surfaces across town in a run-down rooming house, living with another man. This event casts a long shadow over Luca’s own sexual coming-of-age, calling into dramatic question every relationship he develops—or fails to. Years later, Luca enters his own marriage harboring a sexual secret that, in an earlier era, might have remained a secret, but which now forces him to confront, in the most painful way, the strictly demarcated boundaries of male sexuality.
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Cover Price $13.95
No. of Pages 272