The Men from the Boys - William Mann (1998)
ISBN 0452278562
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Publisher Plume
Publication Date 6/1/1998
Format Paperback (200 x 136 mm)
Jeff O'Brien--bright, good-looking, and inching dangerously past thirty--is caught between two generations, the Baby Boomers and Generation X. He's been with his partner, Lloyd, for seven years now, but when Lloyd announces that there's no passion left between them, Jeff is sent into something of an existential frenzy. Desperate not to end up alone, Jeff haunts the dance floor and roadside rest stops, finding both the sordid and the sublime in anonymous encounters. But it's love he's after, so ultimately it's his bittersweet romance in Provincetown with Eduardo, twenty-two and a vision of gorgeous, wide-eyed youth, that lingers in his mind and seems to hold the answers he seeks. This is a story of a man coming to terms with the accelerating ambiguity of his world, where men die young but old age is actively devalued. It is the story of gay life today, the life being led by thousands of men trying desperately to keep up--and to discover if anything really unites gay men other than desire. It is the story of how the truths of gay life are handed down from gay generation to gay generation. It is the story of what separates the men from the boys.
The Men From the Boys has multigenerational appeal--the first novel to look at the stark dichotomy existing among different generations of gay men.
Strong sales and great reviews for the hardcover.
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