Taking Care of Mrs.Carroll - Apul Monette (1979)
ISBN 0380451611
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Publisher Avon
Publication Date August 1979
Format Paperback
Two male lovers, a legendary movie goddess, an estate caretaker, a repressed prep-school teacher, and a polyestered Beverly Hills agent mount an incredible scam in Paul Monette's witty and wicked novel. Beth Carroll, a wealthy old lady cared for by her gay houseboy David and by Phidias, the overseer of the estate and her lover for fifty years, has died before signing her will which will protect her magnificent property from being sold to developers, Phidias enlists David's aid, and David calls in his old lover Rick and the latter's famous friend, the Dietrich-esque chanteuse Madeleine Cosquer, who in turn brings in her agent, Aldo, a hip L.A. queen. Together they develop an impossible plan to fulfill Mrs. Carroll's last wish.
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