Kick in the Head: Stories - Stories - Steven Rinehart (2001)
ISBN 0385498543
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Publisher Anchor
Publication Date 5/15/2001
Format Paperback (202 x 132 mm)
The stories in this collection establish Steven Rinehart as a master of observation with an uncanny ability plumb to the psyche of that most perplexing beast, the American male, and to create infuriatingly real characters who find themselves in hilariously scary situations.

A man who's finally enjoying his first sex-only relationship destroys it by clinging to a white lie. Another, who has long pined for his best friend's girlfriend finally has his chance, but has to contend with her trigger-happy brother. From the high school teacher battling his attraction to a troubled student to the man who becomes a conspirator in a violent outburst in a bar, these are guys who have a lot to learn-and seem to insist on doing so the hard way.
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No. of Pages 240