Lucky in Love - Don Sakers (1988)
ISBN 1555831125
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Publisher Alyson Pubns
Publication Date February 1988
Format Paperback
When his best friend Keith moved away, there was a big hole left in Frank's life. Then a bad car crash put him in the hospital. While there recovering, he got a visit from the star of his high school basketball team, Purnell Johnson. It wasn't long before his luck started to improve:

Their eyes met. and for long seconds they were locked like that, then Purnell turned away. "I suppose I'd better go."

"Don't," Frank said, reaching out to put a hand on Purnell's arm.

"Lucky, what's happening here?"

"Come here." Frank pulled him closer, and suddenly they were face-to-face. Frank lifted his head and their lips touched. He slipped his arm around Purnell's neck and they kissed again, longer and stronger than before.

Then Purnell drew back. "Stop it," he said weakly. "Damn it, Lucky, who told you that you could come into my life and disturb everything like this?"

"Be quiet and kiss me again."

Frank embraced him, and once again they kissed. This time there was more fire, more strength in the kiss -- and Frank knew that Purnell would not leave.

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