Do You Know That I Love You: Boyband - Boyband - Mark Roeder (2001)
ISBN 0595188273
Genre Gay Male Fiction
Publisher IUniverse
Publication Date 6/24/2001
Format Paperback (224 x 152 mm)
Mark Roeder is quickly establishing himself as the writer for gay and questioning teens. In Do You Know That I Love You, Ralph, a young gay teen living on a farm in Indiana, has an aching crush on a rock star and wants nothing more than to see his idol in concert. Meanwhile, Jordan, the rock star, is lonely and sometimes confused with his success, because all he wants is someone to love him and feels he will never find the love he craves.

In a series of scenes that bring the two boys together, accidentally, Roeder keeps you on the edge of your seat. Will Ralph ever see Jordan, again? Or was this just a one-time meeting that will never be repeated? Roeder writes convincingly and makes the impossible seem plausible. Definitely for the romantic gay teen. This is perhaps Roeder's best book.
-Ronald L. Donaghe, author of Common Sons

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