35th Anniversary Edition of The Latecomer - Sarah Aldridge (2009)
ISBN 0930044002
Genre Lesbian Fiction
Publisher A&M Books
Publication Date 5/11/2009
Format Paperback (208 x 137 mm)
Illustrator Murray Archibald
NOW AVAILABLE! This is the 35th Anniversary edition of the first book ever published by Naiad Press. This book was released in 1974 - and was one of, if not the first lesbian novel to have a happy ending and promise of a viable future for the two protagonists. In this edition, there are comments from contemporaries of author Sarah Aldridge (Anyda Marchant) like Katharine Forrest, Holly Near, Ann Bannon, Jinx Beers, Cris Williamson and more, plus later novelists and activists weighing in on the history of lesbian publishing and a glimpse of what these first, hopeful books meant to these readers and writers. They include Radclyffe, Ellen Hart, JM Redmann, KG MacGregor, Kate Clinton and many more. This book also includes photographs of the author from that time period and a call to writers and readers to contribute to the lesbian/feminist publishing legacy. The Latecomer tells of Philippa, returning by ship from Europe, who finds her life unexpectedly changed by the woman who shares her cabin -an entertainer whose career contrasts vividly with Philippa's own existence. From Washington DC and its political intrigue to New York City, the women keep encountering one another until they recognize what their love means to them and their future.
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