Folly (Crossing Press Feminist Series) - Maureen Brady (1983)
ISBN 9780895940902
Genre Journal, Feminist, Lesbian, Women
Publisher Crossing Press,U.S.
Publication Date January 1983
Format Paperback (206 x 142 mm)
Language English
This optimistic, witty, and dramatic book depicts a world not often to be found in literature. The novel tells the story of women workers in a textile plant in North Carolina in the 1970s, who are also neighbors in a trailer camp. Many of these women live without the support of men; they are divorced, widowed, or lesbian, black and white. What brings them together is the death of a sick baby left at home alone because there were no health care provisions in the male-run factory, which leads the women to strike. The novel follows the progress of the strike, and of the inner lives of the characters.
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