The assembly area for the parade will be along SW 7th Street between SW 2nd Avenue and University Avenue. We would like to thank Trimark Properties, Parisleaf, Fracture Inc., and Reggae Shack Café for assisting us with the closure of SW 7th Street for the parade assembly.

PARADE KICK OFF: October 26th, 2019 12:00 PM SHARP

PARADE ASSEMBLY: Assembly starts at 11:15 AM.

PARADE ROUTE: The parade map will be sent via an email attachment at a later date with a reminder message. The parade will form at 11:15pm and step off at 12pm promptly. Please do not be late as we will be holding up traffic. GPD will start the parade at 12pm. Please check in at the registration table located at the corner of SW 7th Street and University Ave when you arrive. There is no entry fee. For more info please call 352-377-8915 or email

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Floats: The PCCNCF would like to encourage groups to showcase their organization/business through a float. It is an amazing opportunity to promote yourselves in front of the entire community. You may be surprised at the interest and excitement an entry in the Pride Parade can give to your organization.

If you have a float, please describe the size and design

Disclosures and Agreement: Vehicles: Any person operating a vehicle in the Parade whether powered, self-powered, or non-powered does so at his or her own risk, bearing all liability for any and all damages or loss of personal property and / or any personal injuries sustained to themselves or other person(s). Vehicle operator hereby waives any and all claims and or defenses it may have against the PCCNCF, Inc. of whatever kind or nature as a result of his or her independent use of such vehicle. Further it shall be required of the person operating such vehicle to maintain, and hereby acknowledges adequate and sufficient insurance coverage to indemnify him/herself and the PCCNCF, Inc. from any and all damages and or loss to property in addition to any and all personal injuries, of whatever kind or severity, to the vehicle operator or any other person who is injured as a result of the use of such vehicle.
Etiquette: The Gainesville Pride parade is for the entire community (remember there are children on the parade route). Please listen to all information and follow all directions of the volunteers on the morning of the parade. The parade volunteers are there for your safety and security. No articles of any kind may be thrown.
Disclaimer: The parade registrant hereby absolves PCCNCF of any liability arising from use of floats or participation in the Gainesville Pride parade or any activities in association with the parade/festival. In accordance to City, State, and Federal Laws, no alcoholic beverages will be allowed during any portion of the Pride parade event on October 26, 2019. In addition, no person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be allowed to operate a motor vehicle during the Pride parade. PCCNCF reserves the right to remove, including but not limited to, any person, motorized or un-motorized vehicle, conveyance, float, or participant(s) for any activity deemed unsafe, violation of any rules contained herein, or action or inaction that may cause any delay to the progress of the parade.
Security: Please be advised that the Gainesville Police Department is responsible for enforcing all applicable state laws and local ordinances during Pride events. Such statutes may include, but are not limited to public decency, alcohol, controlled substances, public safety, and standard vehicle insurance requirements.

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