Pride Community Center of North Central Florida presents our inaugural Pride Youth Leadership Academy (PYLA). PYLA is a 3-day retreat-style program created to empower LGBTQ+ youth from the Gainesville/Alachua county region to become the next generation of leaders. LGTBQ+ youth in grades 9 through 12 are welcome to apply to be a part of the first cohort of PYLA.  *Seats are limited.

PYLA aims to teach, inspire, and prepare LGBTQ+ youth with the skills to become agents of change within their own schools and communities.  

Day 1: Friday 02/07/20  7pm-9pm

Day 2: Saturday 02/08/20  9am-7pm

Day 3: Sunday 02/09/20  2pm-6pm

Parents or legal guardians are strongly encouraged to participate in the Friday evening sessions.

Academy Sessions will include:

Life Skills Lab

History of LGBTQ+ People

Social Justice & Intersectionality


Equity vs. Equality

Diversity Intro

Sexual Beings: Healthy Sex/Body Image


Why advocacy work is important


Pride Youth Leadership Academy Application