Pride Guide

2023 Gainesville Pride Guide

After a two-year hiatus during the pandemic, the Pride Community Center of North Central Florida is thrilled to bring back our annual Pride Days Events, including the Spirit of Pride Community Awards Dinner, the Gainesville Pride Brunch, and especially the Gainesville Pride Festival. We look forward to celebrating our diverse community together and hope you will join in the festivities!

But since its inception, Pride has been more than a celebration of LGBTQ+ identity — it has been a demonstration of defiance to demands that we hide, or even cease to be, who we are. As public opinion has grown increasingly progressive, we have seen backlash from those who are threatened by the equality of others. Across the country, and in Florida in particular, legislative attacks have been mounting to oppress the LGBTQ+ community as well as people of color, women, and immigrants. They mean to push us further into the margins of society and to quiet our voices.

So let us be unequivocal in our message:

We will not be erased.
We will not be changed.
We will not be silent.
We will not be ashamed.

Come out to celebrate, yes! And more than that, come out to boldly say, We’re Here, We’re Queer —Loud and Proud!