Apply to be a PCCNCF Director

The Pride Community Center of North Central Florida (PCCNCF) is led by a Board of Directors that actively engages with the community and governs responsibly. Each Director is expected to contribute by leading committees or sub-committees, helping with programs, coordinating services, supporting other Directors and volunteers, and participating in activities that contribute to the success of the organization’s ongoing operations.

Directors are responsible for the following aspects of the Pride Community Center:

Financial: The PCCNCF Board of Directors must remain committed to financial responsibility and integrity. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: development, approval and oversight of annual budget; ensuring the existence and development of fundraising directives; approval of and assistance in implementing the Annual Fundraising Plan; Review of program, services and committee expenditures.  

Programming: The Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing and approving programs and services, as well as offering proper oversight for programs and services that correspond with community need and the organization’s mission and resources.  

Stewardship: Pride Community Center of North Central Florida has the broadest scope concerning LGBT work in North Central Florida. The Board of Directors must make decisions based on legal responsibility, positive visibility within the community-at-large, and meeting the needs and concerns of the LGBT community in North Central Florida. Board members will attend PCCNCF events representing PCCNCF including: Gainesville Pride Festival, Annual Meeting, Awards Dinner, and any other event put on by PCCNCF. Additionally, Board members will need to provide PCCNCF presence at other community events as necessary. 

Directors are expected to:  

  • Review, understand, and abide by PCCNCF Bylaws (found at  
  • Be an active member of the organization, either through a monetary donation or 20 hours of volunteer time. 
  • Attend and take active role in monthly Board meetings.  
  • Help organize and attend PCCNCF events as possible.  
  • Help organize and attend PCCNCF fundraising activities as possible.  
  • Aid in general fundraising and membership recruitment.  

Please use the form below to submit an application (also found at Applications are due by 8:00PM EST on Friday, December 1. Elections will be held during the Annual Meeting, scheduled for Saturday, December 9, 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the current Board of Directors at