Audre Lorde Library

The Audre Lorde Library has over 2000 books in its collection on a wide range of topics: lesbian fiction, gay male fiction, biographies/autobiographies/memoirs, self-help/relationships/motivational, sexuality and sexual behavior, erotica, dissenting opinions, travel/directories/Gayellow pages, History/Herstory, LGBT in Education/work/military, Humor, LGBTQ+ Youth/children, HIV/AIDS, poetry, religion and spirituality.

Looking for Stone Butch Blues? Conduct Unbecoming? The Bent Lens? We’ve got them. Genderqueer? Out and About Campus? Loving Someone Gay? We’ve got them. Herotica? What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality? Nightswimmer? We’ve got those too. Take a look through our catalog or drop in and browse the shelves; with so many books to choose from there’s sure to be something that interests you.